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re: kern/48954: USB diagconstic message: actlen (-15996) > len (4)

i've recently been using urtwn(4) as well (as you can see from my
1.30 revision to if_urtwn.c :-).

i've not see anything that suggested corrupted memory, though it
does seem possible.  i have seen it lock up twice, unable to talk
to the network at all, requiring being unplugged and reinserted
to work again.

so there is certainly something problematic, if not multiple things.

in dmesg:

urtwn0: link state UP (was UNKNOWN)
urtwn0: link state DOWN (was UP)
urtwn0: link state UP (was DOWN)


urtwn0: could not load firmware page 3


urtwn0: timeout waiting for MAC auto ON


urtwn0: device timeout

none of which seem to say much useful.


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