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Re: toolchain/48534: bogus file names in source tree

Alan Barrett <> writes:

>  On Fri, 24 Jan 2014, matthew green wrote:
>  > i see no reason to keep these tests in our tree just to check
>  > if this functionality works.  they should be converted to be
>  > run-time created objects in the objdir, IMO.
>  I think that we should run the tests.  However, the files with 
>  spaces in their names should be created in the objdir from sources 
>  that do not have spaces in their names.  After all, the idea is 
>  to test whether LLVM can handle files with unusual names, not 
>  to cause stress for the source code management system, regular 
>  maintenance scripts, ad hoc command line actions, or anything else 
>  done by the sysadmin or user.

I think that the source code management system and regular maintainance
scripts ought to be fixed instead. We should stop fighting the progress
and fix the code to work with modern file systems, it's been a long time
since spaces have become usual in file names.

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