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regarding PR

Hi Lars

This is regarding netbsd bug 46885. We have been seeing same problem on an x86 
board when we try to boot a netbsd kernel with ramfdisk embedded.  The size of 
ramdisk is 18mb and with kernel, the final kernel is around 31MB.  When we try 
to boot this kernel, the system resets mostly before vga or serial console is 
initialized. If the ramdisk is created to be 16mb, then it boots fine.

I have experimented with the size of the ramdisk. When i put it at 17mb and 
with few printfs added to the kernel I could see that it went farther in the 
boot process and got uvm page fault while trying to initialize sysctls. Please 
find the attached images that has a a panic stack trace.

Looking at 46885, it seems to be same issue. However we are using netbsd 6.1 
and this issue was fixed for 6.1 but we still see it in our board. We have also 
seen the same issue, on an HP machine ( x86 64bit amd),  There, we saw this 
when trying to install netbsd 6.1 on that machine from official ISO

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