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Re: lib/47602 (getwc() modifies input instead of returning EILSEQ.)

On Jan 21,  2:07am, (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/47602 (getwc() modifies input instead of returning EILSEQ

| do you mean to expect the "c == obuf[i]" test always true?

If that's not true, many things turn quickly very complicated, because
you cannot read and write a file using getwc() and write it using putwc()
and expect it to work. If I know that wchar_t is 2 bytes and I call 2
getc()'s I can expect to get the next two bytes from the file I think.

| while obuf[] is wchar_t for big5 locale (right?), what getwc returns
| is wchar_t for another locale.  comparing them with "==" doesn't make
| much sense.

Right, but I am not sure if this is such a great idea.

| (i'm not sure about the intention of the mixed use of getwc and getc
| in the program, though.)

I did not write this, but I think the logic is, read with getwc() and
if that fails, skip the next 2 bytes with getc() and keep going. How
else do you recover? Bail for the rest of the file, because two bytes
got corrupted?


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