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PR/132 CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx

The following reply was made to PR kern/132; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Thomas Klausner" <>
Subject: PR/132 CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2014 17:58:23 +0000

 Module Name:   pkgsrc
 Committed By:  wiz
 Date:          Thu Jan  2 17:58:22 UTC 2014
 Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update to 1.2:
 Release 1.2 (released Dec 10, 2013)
 Features added
 * Added ``sphinx.version_info`` tuple for programmatic checking of the Sphinx
 Incompatible changes
 * Removed the ``sphinx.ext.refcounting`` extension -- it is very specific to
   CPython and has no place in the main distribution.
 Bugs fixed
 * Restore ``versionmodified`` CSS class for versionadded/changed and deprecated
 * Fix: `html_theme_path=['.']` is a trigger of rebuild all documents always
   (This change keeps the current "theme changes cause a rebuild" feature).
 * #1296: Fix invalid charset in HTML help generated HTML files for default
 * PR#190: Fix gettext does not extract figure caption and rubric title inside
   other blocks. Thanks to Michael Schlenker.
 * PR#176: Make sure setup_command test can always import Sphinx. Thanks to
   Dmitry Shachnev.
 * #1311: Fix test_linkcode.test_html fails with C locale and Python 3.
 * #1269: Fix ResourceWarnings with Python 3.2 or later.
 * #1138: Fix: When ``autodoc_docstring_signature = True`` and
   ``autoclass_content = 'init'`` or ``'both'``, __init__ line should be
   removed from class documentation.
 Release 1.2 beta3 (released Oct 3, 2013)
 Features added
 * The Sphinx error log files will now include a list of the loaded extensions
   for help in debugging.
 Incompatible changes
 * PR#154: Remove "sphinx" prefix from LaTeX class name except 'sphinxmanual'
   and 'sphinxhowto'. Now you can use your custom document class without
   'sphinx' prefix. Thanks to Erik B.
 Bugs fixed
 * #1265: Fix i18n: crash when translating a section name that is pointed to 
   a named target.
 * A wrong condition broke the search feature on first page that is usually
   index.rst.  This issue was introduced in 1.2b1.
 * #703: When Sphinx can't decode filenames with non-ASCII characters, Sphinx 
   catches UnicodeError and will continue if possible instead of raising the
 Release 1.2 beta2 (released Sep 17, 2013)
 Features added
 * ``apidoc`` now ignores "_private" modules by default, and has an option 
   to include them.
 * ``apidoc`` now has an option to not generate headings for packages and
   modules, for the case that the module docstring already includes a reST
 * PR#161: ``apidoc`` can now write each module to a standalone page instead of
   combining all modules in a package on one page.
 * Builders: rebuild i18n target document when catalog updated.
 * Support docutils.conf 'writers' and 'html4css1 writer' section in the HTML
   writer.  The latex, manpage and texinfo writers also support their respective
   'writers' sections.
 * The new :confval:`html_extra_path` config value allows to specify directories
   with files that should be copied directly to the HTML output directory.
 * Autodoc directives for module data and attributes now support an
   ``annotation`` option, so that the default display of the data/attribute
   value can be overridden.
 * PR#136: Autodoc directives now support an ``imported-members`` option to
   include members imported from different modules.
 * New locales: Macedonian, Sinhala, Indonesian.
 * Theme package collection by using setuptools plugin mechanism.
 Incompatible changes
 * PR#144, #1182: Force timezone offset to LocalTimeZone on POT-Creation-Date
   that was generated by gettext builder. Thanks to masklinn and Jakub Wilk.
 Bugs fixed
 * PR#132: Updated jQuery version to 1.8.3.
 * PR#141, #982: Avoid crash when writing PNG file using Python 3. Thanks to
   Marcin Wojdyr.
 * PR#145: In parallel builds, sphinx drops second document file to write.
   Thanks to tychoish.
 * PR#151: Some styling updates to tables in LaTeX.
 * PR#153: The "extensions" config value can now be overridden.
 * PR#155: Added support for some C++11 function qualifiers.
 * Fix: 'make gettext' caused UnicodeDecodeError when templates contain utf-8
   encoded strings.
 * #828: use inspect.getfullargspec() to be able to document functions with
   keyword-only arguments on Python 3.
 * #1090: Fix i18n: multiple cross references (term, ref, doc) in the same line
   return the same link.
 * #1157: Combination of 'globaltoc.html' and hidden toctree caused exception.
 * #1159: fix wrong generation of objects inventory for Python modules, and
   add a workaround in intersphinx to fix handling of affected inventories.
 * #1160: Citation target missing caused an AssertionError.
 * #1162, PR#139: singlehtml builder didn't copy images to _images/.
 * #1173: Adjust dependencies because Jinja2 2.7 discontinued
   compatibility with Python < 3.3 and Python < 2.6.  Thanks to Alexander Dupuy.
 * #1185: Don't crash when a Python module has a wrong or no encoding declared,
   and non-ASCII characters are included.
 * #1188: sphinx-quickstart raises UnicodeEncodeError if "Project version"
   includes non-ASCII characters.
 * #1189: "Title underline is too short" WARNING is given when using fullwidth
   characters to "Project name" on quickstart.
 * #1190: Output TeX/texinfo/man filename has no basename (only extension)
   when using non-ASCII characters in the "Project name" on quickstart.
 * #1192: Fix escaping problem for hyperlinks in the manpage writer.
 * #1193: Fix i18n: multiple link references in the same line return the same
 * #1176: Fix i18n: footnote reference number missing for auto numbered named
   footnote and auto symbol footnote.
 * PR#146,#1172: Fix ZeroDivisionError in parallel builds. Thanks to tychoish.
 * #1204: Fix wrong generation of links to local intersphinx targets.
 * #1206: Fix i18n: gettext did not translate admonition directive's title.
 * #1232: Sphinx generated broken ePub files on Windows.
 * #1259: Guard the debug output call when emitting events; to prevent the
   repr() implementation of arbitrary objects causing build failures.
 * #1142: Fix NFC/NFD normalizing problem of rst filename on Mac OS X.
 * #1234: Ignoring the string consists only of white-space characters.
 Release 1.2 beta1 (released Mar 31, 2013)
 Incompatible changes
 * Removed ``sphinx.util.compat.directive_dwim()`` and
   ``sphinx.roles.xfileref_role()`` which were deprecated since version 1.0.
 * PR#122: the files given in :confval:`latex_additional_files` now override TeX
   files included by Sphinx, such as ``sphinx.sty``.
 * PR#124: the node generated by :rst:dir:`versionadded`,
   :rst:dir:`versionchanged` and :rst:dir:`deprecated` directives now includes
   all added markup (such as "New in version X") as child nodes, and no
   additional text must be generated by writers.
 * PR#99: the :rst:dir:`seealso` directive now generates admonition nodes 
   of the custom ``seealso`` node.
 Features added
 * Markup
   - The :rst:dir:`toctree` directive and the ``toctree()`` template function 
     have an ``includehidden`` option that includes hidden toctree entries (bugs
     #790 and #1047).  A bug in the ``maxdepth`` option for the ``toctree()``
     template function has been fixed (bug #1046).
   - PR#99: Strip down seealso directives to normal admonitions.  This removes
     their unusual CSS classes (admonition-see-also), inconsistent LaTeX
     admonition title ("See Also" instead of "See also"), and spurious 
     in the text builder.
 * HTML builder
   - #783: Create a link to full size image if it is scaled with width or 
   - #1067: Improve the ordering of the JavaScript search results: matches in 
     come before matches in full text, and object results are better 
     Also implement a pluggable search scorer.
   - #1053: The "rightsidebar" and "collapsiblesidebar" HTML theme options now 
   - Update to jQuery 1.7.1 and Underscore.js 1.3.1.
 * Texinfo builder
   - An "Index" node is no longer added when there are no entries.
   - "deffn" categories are no longer capitalized if they contain capital
   - ``desc_annotation`` nodes are now rendered.
   - ``strong`` and ``emphasis`` nodes are now formatted like
     ``literal``\s. The reason for this is because the standard Texinfo markup
     (``*strong*`` and ``_emphasis_``) resulted in confusing output due to the
     common usage of using these constructs for documenting parameter names.
   - Field lists formatting has been tweaked to better display
     "Info field lists".
   - ``system_message`` and ``problematic`` nodes are now formatted in a similar
     fashion as done by the text builder.
   - "en-dash" and "em-dash" conversion of hyphens is no longer performed in
     option directive signatures.
   - ``@ref`` is now used instead of ``@pxref`` for cross-references which
     prevents the word "see" from being added before the link (does not affect
     the Info output).
   - The ``@finalout`` command has been added for better TeX output.
   - ``transition`` nodes are now formatted using underscores ("_") instead of
     asterisks ("*").
   - The default value for the ``paragraphindent`` has been changed from 2 to 0
     meaning that paragraphs are no longer indented by default.
   - #1110: A new configuration value :confval:`texinfo_no_detailmenu` has been
     added for controlling whether a ``@detailmenu`` is added in the "Top"
     node's menu.
   - Detailed menus are no longer created except for the "Top" node.
   - Fixed an issue where duplicate domain indices would result in invalid
 * LaTeX builder:
   - PR#115: Add ``'transition'`` item in :confval:`latex_elements` for
     customizing how transitions are displayed. Thanks to Jeff Klukas.
   - PR#114: The LaTeX writer now includes the "cmap" package by default. The
     ``'cmappkg'`` item in :confval:`latex_elements` can be used to control 
     Thanks to Dmitry Shachnev.
   - The ``'fontpkg'`` item in :confval:`latex_elements` now defaults to ``''``
     when the :confval:`language` uses the Cyrillic script.  Suggested by Dmitry
   - The :confval:`latex_documents`, :confval:`texinfo_documents`, and
     :confval:`man_pages` configuration values will be set to default values 
     on the :confval:`master_doc` if not explicitly set in :file:``.
     Previously, if these values were not set, no output would be genereted by
     their respective builders.
 * Internationalization:
   - Add i18n capabilities for custom templates.  For example: The Sphinx
     reference documentation in doc directory provides a ``sphinx.pot`` file 
     message strings from ``doc/_templates/*.html`` when using ``make gettext``.
 * Other builders:
   - Added the Docutils-native XML and pseudo-XML builders.  See
     :class:`XMLBuilder` and :class:`PseudoXMLBuilder`.
   - PR#45: The linkcheck builder now checks ``#anchor``\ s for existence.
   - PR#123, #1106: Add :confval:`epub_use_index` configuration value.  If
     provided, it will be used instead of :confval:`html_use_index` for epub
   - PR#126: Add :confval:`epub_tocscope` configuration value. The setting
     controls the generation of the epub toc. The user can now also include
     hidden toc entries.
   - PR#112: Add :confval:`epub_show_urls` configuration value.
 * Extensions:
   - PR#52: ``special_members`` flag to autodoc now behaves like ``members``.
   - PR#47: Added :mod:`sphinx.ext.linkcode` extension.
   - PR#25: In inheritance diagrams, the first line of the class docstring
     is now the tooltip for the class.
 * Command-line interfaces:
   - PR#75: Added ``--follow-links`` option to sphinx-apidoc.
   - #869: sphinx-build now has the option :option:`-T` for printing the full
     traceback after an unhandled exception.
   - sphinx-build now supports the standard :option:`--help` and
     :option:`--version` options.
   - sphinx-build now provides more specific error messages when called with
     invalid options or arguments.
   - sphinx-build now has a verbose option :option:`-v` which can be repeated 
     greater effect.  A single occurrance provides a slightly more verbose 
     than normal.  Two or more occurrences of this option provides more detailed
     output which may be useful for debugging.
 * Locales:
   - PR#74: Fix some Russian translation.
   - PR#54: Added Norwegian bokmaal translation.
   - PR#35: Added Slovak translation.
   - PR#28: Added Hungarian translation.
   - #1113: Add Hebrew locale.
   - #1097: Add Basque locale.
   - #1037: Fix typos in Polish translation. Thanks to Jakub Wilk.
   - #1012: Update Estonian translation.
 * Optimizations:
   - Speed up building the search index by caching the results of the word
     stemming routines.  Saves about 20 seconds when building the Python
   - PR#108: Add experimental support for parallel building with a new
     :option:`-j` option.
 * PR#88: Added the "Sphinx Developer's Guide" (:file:`doc/devguide.rst`)
   which outlines the basic development process of the Sphinx project.
 * Added a detailed "Installing Sphinx" document (:file:`doc/install.rst`).
 Bugs fixed
 * PR#124: Fix paragraphs in versionmodified are ignored when it has no
   dangling paragraphs.  Fix wrong html output (nested ``<p>`` tag).  Fix
   versionmodified is not translatable.  Thanks to Nozomu Kaneko.
 * PR#111: Respect add_autodoc_attrgetter() even when inherited-members is set.
   Thanks to A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.
 * PR#97: Fix footnote handling in translated documents.
 * Fix text writer not handling visit_legend for figure directive contents.
 * Fix text builder not respecting wide/fullwidth characters: title underline
   width, table layout width and text wrap width.
 * Fix leading space in LaTeX table header cells.
 * #1132: Fix LaTeX table output for multi-row cells in the first column.
 * #1128: Fix Unicode errors when trying to format time strings with a
   non-standard locale.
 * #1127: Fix traceback when autodoc tries to tokenize a non-Python file.
 * #1126: Fix double-hyphen to en-dash conversion in wrong places such as
   command-line option names in LaTeX.
 * #1123: Allow whitespaces in filenames given to :rst:dir:`literalinclude`.
 * #1120: Added improvements about i18n for themes "basic", "haiku" and
   "scrolls" that Sphinx built-in. Thanks to Leonardo J. Caballero G.
 * #1118: Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Leonardo J. Caballero G.
 * #1117: Handle .pyx files in sphinx-apidoc.
 * #1112: Avoid duplicate download files when referenced from documents in
   different ways (absolute/relative).
 * #1111: Fix failure to find uppercase words in search when
   :confval:`html_search_language` is 'ja'. Thanks to Tomo Saito.
 * #1108: The text writer now correctly numbers enumerated lists with
   non-default start values (based on patch by Ewan Edwards).
 * #1102: Support multi-context "with" statements in autodoc.
 * #1090: Fix gettext not extracting glossary terms.
 * #1074: Add environment version info to the generated search index to avoid
   compatibility issues with old builds.
 * #1070: Avoid un-pickling issues when running Python 3 and the saved
   environment was created under Python 2.
 * #1069: Fixed error caused when autodoc would try to format signatures of
   "partial" functions without keyword arguments (patch by Artur Gaspar).
 * #1062: sphinx.ext.autodoc use __init__ method signature for class signature.
 * #1055: Fix web support with relative path to source directory.
 * #1043: Fix sphinx-quickstart asking again for yes/no questions because
   ``input()`` returns values with an extra '\r' on Python 3.2.0 +
   Windows. Thanks to Régis Décamps.
 * #1041: Fix failure of the cpp domain parser to parse a const type with a
 * #1038: Fix failure of the cpp domain parser to parse C+11 "static constexpr"
   declarations.  Thanks to Jakub Wilk.
 * #1029: Fix intersphinx_mapping values not being stable if the mapping has
   plural key/value set with Python 3.3.
 * #1028: Fix line block output in the text builder.
 * #1024: Improve Makefile/make.bat error message if Sphinx is not found. Thanks
   to Anatoly Techtonik.
 * #1018: Fix "container" directive handling in the text builder.
 * #1015: Stop overriding jQuery contains() in the JavaScript.
 * #1010: Make pngmath images transparent by default; IE7+ should handle it.
 * #1008: Fix test failures with Python 3.3.
 * #995: Fix table-of-contents and page numbering for the LaTeX "howto" class.
 * #976: Fix gettext does not extract index entries.
 * PR#72: #975: Fix gettext not extracting definition terms before docutils 
 * #961: Fix LaTeX output for triple quotes in code snippets.
 * #958: Do not preserve ``environment.pickle`` after a failed build.
 * #955: Fix i18n transformation.
 * #940: Fix gettext does not extract figure caption.
 * #920: Fix PIL packaging issue that allowed to import ``Image`` without PIL
   namespace.  Thanks to Marc Schlaich.
 * #723: Fix the search function on local files in WebKit based browsers.
 * #440: Fix coarse timestamp resolution in some filesystem generating a wrong
   list of outdated files.
 To generate a diff of this commit:
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx/Makefile
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx/PLIST
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx/distinfo
 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
 copyright notices on the relevant files.

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