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Re: install/48093: sysinst cores with floating point exception on arm/BEAGLEBONE

Please close this, and sorry for the trouble.  This was operator error.

sysinst was taking a floating point fault but it was compiled for earmhf,
which I knew was having some other floating point math problems (the last
change to sys/arch/arm/include/aeabi.h seems to have fixed this).  I did
try to boot install kernels built for the other ARM abi's but I suspect now
that I failed to adjust the hard link in my /tftpboot directory that was
the name actually being loaded to point at the kernel I wanted to boot,
so I think I just tested earmhf three times.

The problem wasn't with sysinst, it was a problem with the earmhf libraries.
The install kernel now works fine.  Sorry about that.

Dennis Ferguson

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