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Re: port-cobalt/48034: ./ -m cobalt build fails on NetBSD/amd64 current of 2013-07-09


From: Erik Berls <>, Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 
17:34:29 -0700

> Were tools up to date? When is the last time you built using that tree?
> releng autobuild built ok at 201307090630Z. When was your checkout? (Though
> source-changes doesn't appear to have anything relevant.)

I have checked out src/ tree at around 11:00 UTC of 2013-07-09.
And tools is done in the tree.
In the tree, build is done too.

> Did the system run out of disk or ram?

From dmesg,

total memory = 4002 MB
avail memory = 3870 MB

From df -h

/dev/wd0e           38G        20G        16G  56% /usr

I feel I have enough memory and disk space.

You can see full dmesg in

Thank you.

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