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Re: kern/48027: nfsserver module doesn't work

OK, some more experimental results...

I have a total of six machines, all running the _identical_ kernel, identical modules, and identical userland. Hardware configurations are all similar, but NOT identical, and there are five different ASUS motherboards in use.

Test #1 simply involves starting nfsd manually, and then stopping nfsd. This results in an auto-load of the nfsserver module.

Test #2 is a manual modunload(8) of the nfsserver module.

        Machine    Motherboard   Test #1    Test #2
           1       M4A88T-M      OK         Panic-A
           2       M4A88TD-V EVO OK         Panic-A
           3       M5A99X EVO    Panic-B
           4       M4A88TD-M     OK         OK
           5       M4A88TD-m     OK         Panic-A
           6       KGPE-D16      Fails to   Panic-A

           6-GEN   KGPE-D16      OK         Not tried

           3A      M5A99X EVO    OK         Panic-A

Panic-A is reported at mutex-vector_enter

Panic-B is reported at nfssvc_addsock+1e5

Note that while machines 4 and 5 are identical (except for network addressing and hard drive details), the results are different!

The entry for Machine 3A involves a modified nfsserver module, with a couple of extra printf()s. This changes the behavior.

Something wierd is happening, for sure, but I don't have clue.

For now, my production nfs server will continue to run the GENERIC kernel (line 6-GEN above).....

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