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Re: kern/48027: nfsserver module doesn't work

On Mon, 8 Jul 2013, David Holland wrote:


That is odd - given that the only way you should be getting SIGSYS is
if the nfssvc() syscall doesn't get installed, and that happens as
basically the first step in the module initialization. (Which is
supposed to be called whether or not the code is compiled in or loaded
on the fly.)

And if there's something it depends on that's missing, in the builtin
case that ought to just result in link failure.

Yes, I agree.

Are you sure it loads/attaches successfully? If it starts to load and
then unloads itself for some kind of error, it will uninstall the
syscall and then nfsd won't go.

I noticed that the module initialization code doesn't check for an error return from syscall_establish(). Also the termination code doesn't look at the error return from syscall_disestablish(). Given that I've seen at least one kernel crash triggered directly from modunload(8), I do suspect this code.

My inclination would be to add some printfs in that initialization
code to see where it does and doesn't get.

Yes, that's the next step. I've been trying to monitor progress via syslog() calls in userland nfsd, but now need more granularity/detail.

 >  Note that everything "used to work" just fine on 6.99.17.  It has
 >  only broken since I updated to 6.99.23

Maybe someone broke module initialization.

Well, I have lots of other modules loaded, without any issues, so I don't think that the module infrastruture is broken. Just something wrong with this one.

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