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Re: kern/48027: nfsserver module doesn't work

On Mon, 8 Jul 2013, David Holland wrote:

 >  But I don't think this is an issue with the MODULAR infrastructure, but
 >  rather an issue with specific implementation of nfsserver module.  It
 >  "just works" in a monolithic kernel, but fails with loaded module in a
 >  minimalist kernel.

In the original report you said it failed even when compiled in...

Yep. My minimalist kernel is obviously not including something else that is required for nfsserver. I simply don't know what is missing.

So, to summarize:

        Full GENERIC monolithic kernel, with everything built-in, works

        My stripped-down, minimalist kernel, with almost everything
        removed, does not work,

        - when nfsserver module is manually loaded by /etc/boot.cfg
        - when module is manually loaded via modload
        - when module is allowed to autoload

        The same stripped-down kernel _still_ fails to work, even when
        'filesystem nfs' and 'options NFSSERVER' are added.

Note that everything "used to work" just fine on 6.99.17. It has only broken since I updated to 6.99.23

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