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Re: kern/36204 (makphy failed to work on Intel S3000AHLX server board)

The following reply was made to PR kern/36204; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Wolfgang Stukenbrock <>
To: Masanobu SAITOH <>
Subject: Re: kern/36204 (makphy failed to work on Intel S3000AHLX server board)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 08:59:36 +0200

 yes, we have some ot them but currently all off them are used in
 productive environment - with this interface unused ....
 I'm currently preparing an upgrade to 6.1 for all systems and I will
 have a look at this as soon as I get to a system with this board.
 At least in 4.x the problem was still there.
 best regards
 W. Stukenbrock
 Masanobu SAITOH wrote:
 >>>Number:         36204
 >>>Category:       kern
 >>>Synopsis:       makphy failed to work on Intel S3000AHLX server board
 >>>Confidential:   no
 >>>Severity:       serious
 >>>Priority:       medium
 >>>Responsible:    msaitoh
 >>>State:          open
 >>>Class:          sw-bug
 >>>Submitter-Id:   net
 >>>Arrival-Date:   Tue Apr 24 10:50:00 +0000 2007
 >>>Last-Modified:  Wed Jun 12 02:39:32 +0000 2013
 >>>Originator:     Wolfgang Stukenbrock
 >>>Release:        NetBSD current
 >>Dr. Nagler & Company GmbH
 >>System: NetBSD test-s0 3.1 NetBSD 3.1 (test-s0) #0: Tue Apr 3 11:33:43 CEST 
 >>2007 root@test-s0:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/test-s0 i386
 >>Architecture: i386 / amd64
 >>Machine: i386 / amd64
 >>     There are two onbaord Gbit-Interfaces on this server board:
 >>     wm0 at pci4 dev 0 function 0: Intel i82573E  IAMT, rev. 3
 >>     wm1 at pci5 dev 5 function 0: Intel i82541GI 1000BASE-T Ethernet, rev. 5
 >>     The i82541GI has an igphy and works fine.
 >>     The i82573E has a makphy and fails to establisch connections to the 
 >> network.
 >>     I've added some debug output to see what is gooing on, and here is a 
 >> short
 >>     discription of what I've seen:
 >>     After the system ahs booted the iterface will be reset (reset command 
 >> in BMCR).
 >>     Before reset it has the value 0x1140 and will be set to 0x0 after reset.
 >>     Then the startup will setup auto-negotiation and will end up in the 
 >> following
 >>     setting of the control-registers.
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x6d0c - bmcr 0x1000 epsc 0xd60 anar 0xde1 anap 0x45e1
 >>     Interpretion:
 >>     pscr - the PSCR_MDI_XOVER_MODE is to 0x3 ?? - not reflected int the 
 >> headerfile.
 >>            I've also tried 0x2 - documented for AUTO without success
 >>            The PSCR_MBO is 0 - coment "must be one" ???
 >>            PSCR_CRS_ON_TX set - as done in the reset code (change from 3.1 
 >> to current)
 >>            The bits 8 and 9 are both set - not ducumented in headerfile are 
 >> set. This
 >>            are energie mode bits in the FreeeBSD implementation ...
 >>     pssr - The PHY report sucessfull link up with MDI 100TX fdx
 >>            speed and duplex are indicated as resolved.
 >>            cable length is 0x2 - whatever this means ...
 >>            some other (unknown to the headerfile) bits are set.
 >>     bmcr - set to BMCR_AUTOEN
 >>     anar - looks good
 >>     anap - some information about the partner is retrieve - looks good
 >>     epsc - ??? EPSC_TX_CLK = 0xd6 if it has so much bits ...
 >>     The link LED in the switch is on and if packets are send to the network
 >>     the activity LED indicates some data, but noone seems to get this data.
 >>     I've also dump the mii_anegticks and mii_ticks and found a strange 
 >> behavior,
 >>     but I think this is another bug or feature of makphy.c.
 >>     mii_anegticks is set to 10 (because the interface can do 1000).
 >>     I've places a kernel-printf in the status routine and mii_ticks starts 
 >> 0 on boot,
 >>     will reach 3 after auto-neg.
 >>     If I do a "ifconfig wm0 media auto" mii_ticks gets incremented by 2 or 
 >> 3 each time
 >>     the comand is issued. A reset of the interface is done after it has 
 >> reached 10.
 >>     I think there is a reset of mii_ticks ticks missing when starting 
 >> auto-neg.
 >>     I've replaced the switch with a 10MBit hub, and the interface does 
 >> auto-neg
 >>     to 10MBit, hdx and works fine. Packets are send and recieved as 
 >> expected.
 >>     The same will happen if I connect the 100MBit switch again and use
 >>     "ifconfig wm0 media utp", "ifconfig wm0 media utp mediaopt fdx" or
 >>     "ifconfig wm0 media utp mediaopt fdx,flow". The interface works.
 >>     Here the setting of the registers of theese three settings in that 
 >> order:
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0xd00 - bmcr 0x0 epsc 0xd60 anar 0x21 anap 0x0
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x2d00 - bmcr 0x100 epsc 0xd60 anar 0x41 anap 0x0
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x2d00 - bmcr 0x100 epsc 0xd60 anar 0xc41 anap 0x0
 >>     The speed and mediaopt settings are reflectd in anar but no information
 >>     is recieved from the peer! is this OK ???????
 >>     No communication will be established useing 100tx instead of utp.
 >>     Here is the debug output again for that:
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x4d00 - bmcr 0x2000 epcr 0xd60 anar 0x81 anap 0x0
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x6d00 - bmcr 0x2100 epcr 0xd60 anar 0x101 anap 0x0
 >>     pscr 0xb60 - pssr 0x6d40 - bmcr 0x2100 epcr 0xd60 anar 0xd01 anap 0x0
 >>     Again no anap information is retrieved - bmcr, anar looks good to me.
 >>     pssr: "link up" is reported, but no communication can be done ...
 >>           speed and duplex mode look good
 >>     I've tried the following version of makphy.c:
 >>     $NetBSD: makphy.c,v 1.23 2007/02/23 03:03:10 msaitoh Exp $
 >>     I need to get it up and are willing to spend additional time in 
 >> debugging,
 >>     but I've no datasheets etc..
 >>     I've alreay looked into the FreeBSD implementation and tried some 
 >> varaints
 >>     from there without success. (e.g. other clock-bit setting)
 >>     Try to run the wm0 on S3000AHLX server board ...
 >>     Not known to me up to now.
 >>     If some have a datasheet for this PHY, I will help to locate
 >>     the problem.
 >  Do you still have the box? I suspect this problem was fixed.
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