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Re: PR/47648 CVS commit: src/sys/arch/x86

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 10:29:12PM +0100, Lars Heidieker wrote:
> Since these changes I see an interrupt storm in int 9 for !DIAGNOSTICS
> and !DEBUG or DIAGNOSTICS & DEBUG kernels.
> It goes away if I put the ioapic_reenable back into mpacpi_find_interrupts.
> I think the problem has been there before as well but the
> ioapic_reenable fixes it.
> I've attached two dmesg print (same config but one with DIAGNOSTICS
> enabled and the other one with DIAGNOISTICS & DEBUG)
> In case of no interrupt storm
> ioapic0: int9 0x8060<vector=0x60,delmode=0x0,level,dest=0x0> 0x0<target=0x0>
> In case of interrupt storm
> ioapic0: int9
> 0xb060<vector=0x60,delmode=0x0,pending,actlo,level,dest=0x0> 0x0<target=0x0>

ok, apparently my new code in acpi_md_OsInstallInterruptHandler() gets the 
polarity wrong,
but mpacpi_nonpci_intr() which is called later gets it right, and call to 
pushes the corrected info into the hardware.  could you add some printfs to 
both of these
to see why they are coming to different conclusions about what "redir" should 


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