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Re: bin/47301: Miscompilation by bundled GCC

On Dec 10,  4:40pm, 
(<>) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/47301: Miscompilation by bundled GCC

|  > i.e., reload puts both pseudo 261 and pseudo 262 into hard reg 1 in
|  > the same live range.  That is bad.
|  >
|  > Very few current backends support mem-to-mem copying in a single
|  > instruction.  It might be something that no longer works in reload.
|  >
|  > Assuming my assumption is correct, a possible fix would be to disallow
|  > mem-to-mem insns, at least until reload.

Yes, but that dissallowing should happen in the MI code not in the backends,
right? If so, do you know how to do it/where to put it?


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