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Re: kern/45718: processes sometimes get stuck and spin in vm_map

The following reply was made to PR kern/45718; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Taylor R Campbell <>
Subject: Re: kern/45718: processes sometimes get stuck and spin in vm_map
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 06:13:43 +0000

 Every once in a while I still find processes stuck like this.  Tonight
 I investigated closer with the help of crash(8).  Here are some clues
 I've gathered:
 - The processes that are stuck are all stuck in the cv_timedwait in
 uvm_map_prepare deep inside exec.
 - I can still exec new processes, so the problem is *not* simply kva
 exhaustion causing the uvm_km_alloc in exec_pool_alloc to hang
 indefinitely waiting for kva -- all the requests for kva are for the
 same size, so if I can make new requests, the old ones should be
 serviceable too.
 - Examination of the lwp structures and their l_timeout_ch members
 reveals that the callouts for cv_timedwait are firing (the callouts'
 c_time values keep changing), so it's not that the sleepq mechanism is
 stuck or anything.
 - Examintion of kernel_map itself reveals that UVM_MAP_WANTVA is
 persistently flagged.
 So it looks like something freed up kva, but failed to signal to the
 waiters that the kva was freed up.
 I looked around for a race condition surrounding map->flags, but
 although there is a wacky locking dance surrounding vm_maps, I didn't
 see anything obvious there: uvm_unmap_remove looks like it does the
 right thing to signal to the waiters.  However, I suspect that
 uvm_map_replace and uvm_map_extract can free up space in the map, and
 neither of them signals UVM_MAP_WANTVA waiters.
 There may be other places in uvm_map.c that free up space -- it's huge
 and I haven't gone through it all.  Is it plausible that at least
 uvm_map_replace and uvm_map_extract, and perhaps other parts of
 uvm_map.c as well, need to signal UVM_MAP_WANTVA waiters?
 Caveat: I am currently using a kernel from back in March, because
 something broke related to drm in more recent kernels, but uvm hasn't
 changed much lately, so I suspect the problem is still here.

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