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Re: bin/47271: host (1) dumps core on latest netbsd-6

On Dec 2,  7:00pm, (Taylor R Campbell) 
-- Subject: Re: bin/47271: host (1) dumps core on latest netbsd-6

|  The attached patch works around the problem, at least on amd64, but I
|  think we ought to discuss whether it is actually appropriate to double
|  the size of each pthread for the thread-specific data deletion kludge,
|  both in HEAD and in netbsd-6.  For now, until that discussion happens,
|  riz has reverted the TSD change in netbsd-6.

The size increase is not really necessary if you are willing to
pay the cost of going through the all_thread list when you remove
a key (and hold a different lock). Having said that, even in the
case of 1000 threads, this just amounts to 6M of memory on a 64
bit host, instread of ~2M, since I've added 2 pointers to the array
of 256 keys; you need at least one more to hold the data.


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