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Re: toolchain/47188: MKTOOLS=no broken

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:20:05 +0000 (UTC), Alan Barrett writes:
> >TOOLDIR=/var/obj/NetBSD/current/tools/NetBSD-5.99.55-x86_64 \
> >sh -x ./ -m amd64 -M /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/obj tools
> >
> >and then running:
> >
> >TOOLDIR=/var/obj/NetBSD/current/tools/NetBSD-5.99.55-x86_64 MKTOOLS=no \
> >sh -x ./ -u -U -m amd64 -M /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/obj \
> >-D /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/destdir \
> >-R /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/release release
> >
> >fails [...]
> I think there's a mistake in the above instructions.  I think that the
> problem manifests only when the two invocations use different
> obj directories, but the above instructions use the same -M option both
> times.

The above were cut/pasted from the logs of the tools vs release builds
For the release build it also does:

rm -rf /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/destdir
rm -rf /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/release
mkdir -p /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/obj \
/var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64/destdir \

before running the above.

It is quite possible that I did an rm -rf /var/obj/NetBSD/current/amd64
at some point after the initial failure.

That would then be equivalent to two different obj trees.


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