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Re: bin/47129: mouse won't move diagonally in i386 X11 on amd64 kernel

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 05:45:03PM +0000, Alan Barrett wrote:
>  This problem is traceable to the change in struct timespec between i386
>  and amd64.  struct timespec is embedded in struct wscons_event, which
>  is used for data read from the mouse.  struct timespec contains "long
>  tv_nsec", which is 32 bits on i386, and 64 bits on amd64.  (Defining
>  tv_nsec as long doesn't really make sense, because there is no need to
>  represent values larger than 1000000000, so 32 bits would have been
>  plenty, but POSIX specifies long and NetBSD apparently chose not to
>  deviate from POSIX here.)

That wouldn't have helped, the 'seconds' part is 64bit, so the amd64
timespec would contain 4 bytes of padding - total 16 bytes.
The i386 one is 12 bytes.


David Laight:

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