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Re: bin/47110: wsconsctl(8) parsing bug

On Oct 23,  4:35pm, 
( wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/47110: wsconsctl(8) parsing bug

|  Thanks, I would like to test this, but am bandwidth-challenged and don't
|  maintain a source tree, so it will require some time and advice to do.
|  Will binaries with this change be appearing under
|  in the near future? This would be the easiest for me.

Yes, that is going to be the case.

|  Also, how much material is required, just a new wsconsctl binary, a
|  complete upgrade, or something in between?

You just need to download:

cvs -d checkout src/sbin/wsconsctl

cd there and 'make USETOOLS=never'; this should produce a binary.


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