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Re: port-xen/47057: Xen NetBSD DomU file system trash under Linux Dom0

I think I've found the problem, it seems to be related to
xengnt_more_entries, but still haven't been able to point exactly when
the overwrite of xenstore_interface happens. Just after the call to
xengnt_more_entries the ring gets corrupted, but it's not the call
itself that corrupts the ring.

xengnt_more_entries start: prod: 3787 cons: 3787
xengnt_more_entries: map 0x1610ff -> 0xffffa0002da45000
xengnt_more_entries end: prod: 3787 cons: 3787
xb_read: xenstore_interface: 0xffffffff80b0a000
xb_read: cons: 673215352 prod: 1651402104
xb_read EIO
xenbus_xs (process_msg:763) xb_read hdr 5.
panic: XENBUS error 5 while reading message

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