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re: install/47038: installing from a USB stick image is unnecessarily confusing

>  On Fri, Oct 05, 2012 at 11:00:01AM +0000, 
> wrote:
>  > Shouldn't install media that come with installation sets choose their
>  > own installation sets by default?
>  Yes, I think both on CDs and USB images we should pass an option to sysinst
>  making it skip the distmedium menu and go straight to get_via_cdrom() (with
>  included magic to find the cd drive used) or get_via_localdir() in the usb
>  case.

does this mean i wouldn't be able to choose some other media?
i use this feature fairly often -- boot some random cdrom, but
use sets from some other place (usually ftp or nfs.)

i was thinking it would make the default be right, so you could
just hit return and start.


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