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Re: port-i386/46808: 6.0_BETA2 install crashes on VIA VT6202 detection

On Oct 2,  9:21pm, ("jc.lynx") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: port-i386/46808: 6.0_BETA2 install crashes on VIA VT6202 dete

| Returning from holidays...
| On the build machine, I added a config file for the first settings you sugg=
| ested and called it EHCITEST1.
| (-u) release, kernel=3DEHCITEST1, releasekernel=3DEHCITEST1, iso-i=
| mage. Not sure I needed all these but=20
| anyway, I got a proper iso image to burn.
| What's my problem now is booting the EHCITEST1 kernel ! Dropping to boot pr=
| ompt, I didn't find how to boot a=20
| kernel other than netbsd - which I guess is a copy of netbsd-GENERIC ? I di=
| dn't find much documentation about=20
| this. I tried to navigate to the i386/binary/kernel directory but with no s=
| uccess :
| ls, ls . or ls / printed "not a directory"
| default device is cd0a but "dev" didn't print it as an available device (th=
| ere were only the HD partitions and FD=20
| drive)
| Can you give me some advice ?

In the boot prompt:

boot cd0a:EHCITEST1

should work, or try cd0d...


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