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Re: kern/46955: process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize - rename bug in tmpfs ???


it looks like that I've a working version for 5.1_STABLE now, but the integration I've done is (very) ugly ...

- I took the whole tmpfs code from current.
- Need to modify two other makefiles (rump and ...) because on file in tmpfs is gone and another (tmpfs_rename.c) came up. - need to "import" genfs_rename.c, because most of the implementation is now there. (Done by a copy to the tmpfs-folder and an include statement in the tmpfs source file.) - borrow some other new routines from genfs, because they are needed now. (simply copied into the tmpfs sources in order to avoid changes in other parts)
- add a second param to VOP_UNLOCK() - added 0 as it was in the old code
- need to add the INTERLOCK flag to the call of vget() - call semantic has changed in -current. - revert KERN_NAME_MAX change by adding a define to NAME_MAX instead of the assert "MAXNAMELEN == NAME_MAX" - borrow some new routines from kern_auth.c by copying into the tmpfs sources ...

And here is the main problem with my "fast-and-dirty" integration:
It looks like nearly everything changed in kern_auth.c and some new listener lists have been added that are not present in 5.1.x. I think they cannot be simply used because the other code does not know then. To add this knowledge everything kauth-related must be changed too in order to work correctly - to much work ... So I've took the main auth-methods from the old implemantation useing the "gereric" auth routine as done in 5.1.x , but I additionaly needed to allow root (uid == 0) explicitly to allow chown calls to get the install-root filesystem of the install-kernels up correctly. (Does this work in -current ???? Is there a listener that returns ALLOW if root is trying to chown something? Or has the createion of the device nodes in the install-kernels has been changed?) The auth-part is still not realy tested, but it seems to work as before till now.

If you are interested in this work, let me know, I will send it.

But the auth-integration should be reworked again!
Any hints how to revert the new-stuff into the old 5.1.x semantics correctly?
The "problem" is the auth-vnode part and all related definitions.

W. Stukenbrock

David Holland wrote:

The following reply was made to PR kern/46955; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: David Holland <>
Cc: Subject: Re: kern/46955: process deadlock (tstile) runing amanda sendsize -
 rename bug in tmpfs ???
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 16:57:53 +0000

 On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 08:40:04AM +0000, Wolfgang Stukenbrock wrote:
  >  I've forgot to look into the Bug-database prior sending this one - sorry.
> > In -current there seems to be a patch for the rename problem that I've > still not integrated in my 5.1.2. (PR 36681). > > I'm gooing to do this as next step. That is probably a good idea, but the available patches only fix ffs. > dholland stated that this fix will solve the rename problem in tmpfs.
  >  So I think it will solve our problem here too.
I don't think there's a netbsd-5 version of the tmpfs rename patches,
 but I could have missed it going by.
(Unfortunately, each filesystem's rename needs to be fixed separately,
 and they have historically been *all* wrong.)
-- David A. Holland


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