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Re: PR/46935 CVS commit: src/lib/libedit

On Sep 11,  4:48pm, (Steffen "Daode" Nurpmeso) 
-- Subject: Re: PR/46935 CVS commit: src/lib/libedit

| I have this version running (on FreeBSD..) at the moment, and it
| seems to work (i'm having READ_RESTART set here - any chance on
| that?).
| First el_getc() now *always* sets el_errno so that read_getcmd()
| can definitely avoid doing so.
| I think v1.69 still has the problem that the loop requires a new
| stop condition (*num* is looked at in the switch, though the value
| is effectively somewhat meaningless).
| So i've introduced a new command state enum which should get
| rid of any ambiguities that may arise from missing the complete
| picture :), and which is used as a break-off command in the loop.
| Note that i'm not sure at all about the CC_EOF case; it yet looked
| at num==-1, but how can that happen there?  Anyway - no more.
| This patch applies to v1.69 only with fuzziness, but it is a bit
| chaotic here at the moment..
| What do you think about that?

I like the enum clarity, but I am not sure about removing the EINTR
code. I also have to check the EOF logic too. Test it some more, and
I need to find some time here to test it myself. I bit busy since I
just came back from vacation...


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