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Re: bin/46613 (syslogd is broken)

On Jun 19,  1:20pm, ("Valeriy E. Ushakov") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/46613 (syslogd is broken)

|  There's still something wrong with the new async code it seems, since
|  I see
|  Jun 19 15:56:42 felix syslogd[119]: /dev/console: Invalid argument
|  logged to /var/log/messages when I mistype root password when I log in
|  from console.  After that syslogd seems to give up on console - there
|  are no more
|  Jun 19 16:08:10 felix login: 1 LOGIN FAILURE ON console
|  messages printed on console and according to fstat syslogd has closed
|  its console fd.

Ok, I will take a look, thanks.


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