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Re: kern/46602: rfc6056 sysctl names are odd

On Jun 15,  7:25am, ( wrote:
-- Subject: kern/46602: rfc6056 sysctl names are odd

|       -current has the following sysctl mibs.
|               net.inet.udp.rfc6056.available
|               net.inet.udp.rfc6056.selected
|               net.inet6.udp6.rfc6056.available
|               net.inet6.udp6.rfc6056.selected
|       they seems odd because
|               1. they are not udp-specific and inconsist with
|                  a precedent (net.inet.ip.anonportmin)
|               2. using the rfc number as a sysctl name is not appropriate.
|                  eg. what happens if we add another algorithm?
|                  something like "portselect" is a better name.
|       UDP_RFC6056ALGO socket option has the same problems.

Please suggest new names and I'll change them.


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