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Re: kern/46522

On Jun 4,  9:15am, (David Laight) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/46522

|  While adding a fixed sleep is enough to show where the problem
|  lies, it isn't an appropriate solution to the problem.
|  You need to properly wait for the close to release a reference
|  count on the resource, and then free the relevant data areas.
|  The scheduler can always decide to not run the process you
|  are waiting for - so the sleep has to be indefinitely long.
|  I;m not saying a real fix is easy! the tty subsystem is full
|  of places where it isn't remotely MP-safe.

What's the plan here? Is the getty process supposed to be killed, and if
so by whom? I would prefer if instead it got an EOF from the tty and
then it was waited until it exited before the screen was destroyed.


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