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Re: kern/46522

On Sep 19,  3:32am, Nat Sloss wrote:
} From: Nat Sloss <>
} To:
} Subject: Re: kern/46522
} Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 01:18:13 +1000
}  Hi.
}  I've found that it only crashes when deleting a screen that has a getty 
}  running on it.  Deleting a screen that has no running programmes works.
}  What is causing the problem is cv_destroy(&tp->t_rawcv) I believe that  
}  is waiting on that conditional variable as the crash says that the cv is in 
}  use.
}  Destroying the other cvs' as found in tty_free works.
}  I would like to kill the getty before destroying the cvs' but I have no idea 
}  how I've tried sending signals with no success, and I have no idea as to how 
}  to make it wait until the process is killed, but I think this is the source 
}  of the problem.

     You need to edit /etc/ttys and change status to "off" for the
appropriate tty, then "kill -1 1" to tell init to reread /etc/ttys.  If
you just kill the getty init will restart it.

     However, there is still a bug.  The system shouldn't crash.  It
should either error out when the tty is in use, or forcibly detach all
processes from the tty.

}-- End of excerpt from Nat Sloss

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