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re: port-macppc/46334: ohci(4) can apparently be brought down by some USB devices

>  Unfortunately, enabling OHCI_DEBUG and AXE_DEBUG does not yield any
>  useful information, as plugging in the device results in the ohci0
>  controller shutting down pretty much immediately.  No debug output
>  appears between the time the device is plugged in and the controller
>  halting.

when you set OHCI_DEBUG you need to turn it on as well :-)  eg:

#define DPRINTF(x)      if (ohcidebug) printf x
#define DPRINTFN(n,x)   if (ohcidebug>(n)) printf x
int ohcidebug = 0;

is in the code.  looks like there's also an axedebug variable.  can
you try enabling these and trying again?  and if possible testing
them with debugging enabled with the older working kernel to properly
compare what has changed.



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