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Re: standards/46223: reserved identifier violation

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 09:00:13PM +0000, Markus Elfring wrote:

>  Do source files exist in your repository which tamper with the name space
>  that is reserved for identifiers in C/C++ compiler implementations?

Absolutely; you've referenced two of those. However, all of this
is implementation namespace.

>  Are there identifiers that belong more to other software applications than 
> the 
>  compiler and operating system combination?

A standard specifies which identifiers names are reserved for use by
the implementation; see
for one such instance. Other application software, such as 3rd-party
libraries, usually have their own conventions of reserved identifiers
or prefixes (such as possibly g_ in GLib) which are not to be tampered
with by "applications", but as far as implementations are concerned,
all applications are created equal.

- Klaus

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