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Re: kern/45671: Current NetBSD/i386 does not install under current qemu

The following reply was made to PR kern/45671; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Andreas Gustafsson <>
Subject: Re: kern/45671: Current NetBSD/i386 does not install under current qemu
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 21:22:06 +0200

 There is now also a corresponding qemu bug ticket:
 The comments in that ticket identify the exact qemu commit that
 triggered the regression, but it's not clear to me from the diffs how
 that commit broke interoperability with NetBSD.
 On the NetBSD side, all versions newer than CVS date
 2011. are effected; the commit message for the commit in
 case says "Reinstate INSTALL kernel for embedded ramdisk installs".
 I assume the reason earlier versions are not affected is that their
 installation kernels do not support ACPI.
 In any case, it would be useful to fix both NetBSD and qemu: NetBSD
 should be fixed so that future versions of NetBSD will run under
 today's qemu, and qemu should be fixed so that future version of qemu
 will run today's version of NetBSD.
 I have also obtained a more detailed stack trace by attaching a
 remote gdb to qemu's built-in gdb server; the relevant parts
 read as follows:
   #11 0xc0994bb1 in vpanic (fmt=3D0xc0e0a530 "%s: bad request",=20
       ap=3D0xc1170854 "=5F#=E0=C0x\b\027\301{=DA\020\300`pP=C1=C0\022\3=
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #12 0xc09949e5 in panic (fmt=3D0xc0e0a530 "%s: bad request")
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #13 0xc0801d7e in pci=5Fmake=5Ftag (pc=3D0x0, bus=3D0, device=3D16, f=
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #14 0xc012d9ca in acpi=5Fpci=5Flink=5Fadd=5Ffunctions (sc=3D0xc15311c=
 0, link=3D0xc1509e00,=20
       bus=3D0, device=3D16, pin=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #15 0xc012ddc8 in acpi=5Fpci=5Flink=5Fadd=5Freference (v=3D0xc15311c0=
 , index=3D0, bus=3D0,=20
       slot=3D16, pin=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #16 0xc0741a21 in mpacpi=5Fpciroute (mpr=3D0xc14ab8c0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #17 0xc0741efb in mpacpi=5Fconfig=5Firouting (acpi=3D0xca987d44)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #18 0xc0742232 in mpacpi=5Ffind=5Finterrupts (self=3D0xca987d44)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #19 0xc012c2ee in acpi=5Fmd=5Fcallback ()
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #20 0xc011a292 in acpi=5Fattach (parent=3D0xca987540, self=3D0xca72d0=
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #21 0xc097bbab in config=5Fattach=5Floc (parent=3D0xca987540, cf=3D0x=
       locs=3D0x0, aux=3D0xc1170b18, print=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #22 0xc097acf4 in config=5Ffound=5Fsm=5Floc (parent=3D0xca987540,=20
       ifattr=3D0xc0de3616 "acpibus", locs=3D0x0, aux=3D0xc1170b18, prin=
 t=3D0, submatch=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #23 0xc097ad81 in config=5Ffound=5Fia (parent=3D0xca987540,=20
       ifattr=3D0xc0de3616 "acpibus", aux=3D0xc1170b18, print=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #24 0xc070c8e9 in mainbus=5Frescan (self=3D0xca987540,=20
       ifattr=3D0xc0de3616 "acpibus", locators=3D0x0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #25 0xc070c6de in mainbus=5Fattach (parent=3D0x0, self=3D0xca987540, =
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #26 0xc097bbab in config=5Fattach=5Floc (parent=3D0x0, cf=3D0xc0eb105=
 0, locs=3D0x0,=20
       aux=3D0x0, print=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #27 0xc097bc2b in config=5Fattach (parent=3D0x0, cf=3D0xc0eaf1f0, aux=
 =3D0x0, print=3D0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #28 0xc097ae07 in config=5Frootfound (rootname=3D0xc0bffc74 "mainbus"=
 , aux=3D0x0)
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #29 0xc0233d40 in cpu=5Fconfigure ()
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #30 0xc05d232c in configure ()
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
   #31 0xc05d1d80 in main ()
       at /bracket/i386-debug/work/2011.
 Andreas Gustafsson,

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