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Re: kern/45505 (iwi0 does not come up correctly)

Hi David,

David Holland wrote:
  So, let me make sure I understand... you were using bge0 on
  192.168.1/24 and disconnected it, then brought up iwi0 also on
  192.168.1/24, but the above route was still present and therefore all
  traffic got sent to bge0?

  When you disconnected bge0 did you do "ifconfig down" on it?

Almost. I do power up the computer with a statically configured bge0, but I never connect a cable to it. I do explicitely "down" it though. I run the following script:

ifconfig bge0 down
route delete default
ifconfig iwi0 ssid XXXXXXX
ifconfig iwi0 nwkey 0xXXXXXXX
dhclient iwi0


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