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Re: kern/45591: cdce attaches to OpenMoko Freerunner, fails, attaches 2nd instance, neither worksk

Hi all,

the problem described in this PR results from the import of some
"new devices" from OpenBSD.  Before the import, the OpenMoko
Freerunner worked perfectly with the cdce driver.  After the import,
the device is marked as not supporting the UDESCSUB_CDC_UNION
descriptor, and thus the driver cannot detect the master/slave
relationship of the two interfaces of the device.

Commenting out/deleting the entry in cdce_devs fixes the problem
for the OpenMoko Freerunner.

Now the problem is that, as far as I can tell anyway, the vendor/
device ids for the Freerunner may be used on other gadgets using
Linux as their embedded OS, and those may indeed need that other
handling of the interface(s).

So the question is, is anyone using this driver with some other
device that attaches as "cdce0:  Linux with s3c2410_udc
RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget, rev 2.00/3.12, addr 5" (the various version
numbers/addresses may be different depending on your configuration)
and got it working after the import?  Or can I safely remove the
offending entry from the driver?

--                         Wolfgang Solfrank

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