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Re: kern/45361

On 11/15/11 4:49 AM, matthew green wrote:
On 11/13/11 2:58 PM, Julio Merino wrote:
On 11/13/11 1:30 PM, David Holland wrote:
   On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 06:25:06PM +0000, Jukka Ruohonen wrote:
    >    Yes. Kernel from November 8 just crashed while compiling Postgres. So 
    >    can't upgrade from amd64/5.99.55 and all NetBSD-work is stalled.
    >    However, I am too busy right now to check whether it is the same 

   Blah, I was hoping...

    >    But better to keep this open so that there is at least one tracker PR.

   Indeed. I've also marked it 6-CRITICAL.

Thanks.  I will also try tomorrow if I still see the same issue with
qemu, just in case the problem has "shifted" in some way.

I can't actually reproduce the problem any more on my amd64 VM.  qemu
builds just fine under intensive swapping.

I'm wondering if the problems that jruohonen is still experiencing are
the same I was hitting, or just have similar symptoms.

the problem with swapping under load was fixed by myself/matt a
while ago.

Do you remember exactly when that happened? I'm pretty sure I tried to build qemu right after the fix was committed, and my machine still crashed. So, if you have the date, I'll roll back the kernel to that point and try again just to make sure I did the correct thing back then.

> that's the subject of this PR.  i'm pretty sure this
PR should be closed.

Probably. I just would like to revalidate according to when the fixes happened.

if there are other problems without PRs occuring, they should be
given new PRs.  ie, don't confuse multiple issues in the same PR.


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