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Re: kern/45588: Switching many pthreads causes segv

(2011/11/14 2:45), David Holland wrote:
>   On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 06:45:00PM +0000, wrote:
>    >  Making many (1000) pthreads and switching them, it causes segv.
>   The last time I did something like that (years ago) it killed the
>   system entirely...

You can reproduce it with my attached code ;-)

>   Are you running out of virtual address space to put thread stacks in?

Yeah, it seems something like it.
By ktrace/kdump, _lwp_ctl returns error "Can't allocate memory".
sched_yield(2) should returns error instead of segv.

NARUSE, Yui  <>

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