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Re: lib/45572: EFAULT from time(3)

On Nov 5,  6:40pm, (David Holland) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/45572: EFAULT from time(3)

|  If the stars are aligned just so, it *can* fail and return EFAULT.


|  Also, based on this text in errno(2) I think it would be better to
|  change the man page back:
|       14 EFAULT Bad address.  The system detected an invalid address in
|               attempting to use an argument of a call.  The reliable detection
|               of this error cannot be guaranteed and when not detected may
|               result in the generation of a signal, indicating an address vio-
|               lation, which is sent to the process.
|  I have argued in the past that all syscalls returning EFAULT should
|  also post SIGSEGV; there are a number of reasons that's desirable.

And the siginfo information should point to what PC? How is the debugger
supposed to behave?


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