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Re: bin/45453: add /etc/cron.d functionality

>  Would the main use of cron.d be for packages to be able to add cron
>  events?
>  In which case, packages could come with defaults provided
>  in /etc/pkg/cron.d/ which the admin would manually copy to /etc/cron.d/
>  if wanted, just like for rc.d scripts?  Currently packages that need
>  scheduled events can only tell the admin to install one via a message.
>  It would probably be necessary for those files to specify under which
>  user privileges the script should run as.

That is definitely a use-case that I had not considered.

My primary use-case is that it's easier for me to script/automate flat files
than write parsers for the existing crontabs.

It's a convenience and has a side benefit of linux compatibility.

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