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Re: kern/45305: umount says device busy without any process having current directory in the mount or file open


On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 10:25:02AM +0000, matthew green wrote:
>  what does "fstat" say in this case?  it should report any thing that
>  is showing an open filesystem.  also, for the killed everything case,
>  what processes are running?

fstat: the only listed stuff is related to / and no other mount point

Running processes: init, one login, one /bin/sh (fresh root login).
If I only have those processes running, I would assume that I'm able
to unmount everything except /?

>  also, what about "mount -a"?  fstat doesn't report nullfs mounts that
>  keep a filesystem busy.

As I required to use the corresponding computer, I need to make it
behave like this again.  I'll try mount -a and then report, but don't
understand currently why that should give some insight.  The problem
mounts are listed as noauto mounts in fstab and thus I assume mount -a
should do anything about them.

The last time, the nfs-mount got stuck.  The two null-mounts were
unmounted successfully.

Matthias Kretschmer

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