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Re: PR/45269 CVS commit: src/bin/sh

On Aug 23,  1:52pm, (Andreas Gustafsson) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: PR/45269 CVS commit: src/bin/sh

| Christos Zoulas wrote:
| >  PR/45269: Andreas Gustafsson: Instead of falling off the edge when eating 
trailing newlines
| >  if the block has moved, arrange so that trailing newlines are never placed 
in the string
| >  in the first place, by accumulating them and adding them only after we've 
encountered a
| >  non-newline character. This allows also for more efficient appending since 
we know how much
| >  we need beforehand. From FreeBSD.
| Excellent, thank you!  Will you be submitting a pullup request to releng?

Thanks for the reproducable bug report. Without it, it would be impossible to
find! Yes, I've issued a pullup request to -5 already.


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