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Re: toolchain/45153: target live-image wanted

The following reply was made to PR toolchain/45153; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
Subject: Re: toolchain/45153: target live-image wanted
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 20:26:47 +0900

 >      ./ live-image
 >      should build a bootable live image suitable for putting on a
 >      USB stick or CD (or other bootable media) where the arch allows it
 I'm not sure what's the definition of "live-image" but
 I've been using a dumb script which creates a bootable disk image
 from snapshot binary sets for various emulators:
 So I've just convert it to use framework:
 " -m i386 -U release live-image" will creates bootable image
 for USB stick (root on sd0) and emulators (root on wd0).
  - main part is in src/distrib/common/liveimage/Makefile.liveimage:
   - extract binary sets in releasedir/${RELEASEMACHINE}/binary/sets
   - copy secondary boot into root (if necessary)
   - create root file system by makefs(8)
   - run installboot(8) (if necessary)
   - prepare sectors for MBR label (if necessary)
   - prepare swap
   - write MBR partition (if necessary)
   - write disklabel
   - write sunlabel (in necessary)
  - liveimage-20110805.diff includes diff against Makefiles and
    to handle " live-image" as iso-image does
  - Makefiles for following ${MACHINE}s are prepared
   - i386 (for 2GB USB stick on real machine, and for qemu)
   - amd64 (similar to i386, untested)
   - pmax (for gxemul)
   - sparc (for TME and qemu, untested)
   - sparc64 (for TME, untested)
   - sun2 (for TME, untested)
   - sun3 (for TME)
   - vax (for simh)
 Known problems:
  - can we really call images which just boot up to multiuser "live image"?
  - needs better image names (rather than sun3emu.img etc.)
  - too many dumb statements in Makefile.liveimage (needs sh and make gurus)
  - makefs during building images fails if release binaries are built without
    MKUNPRIVED=yes, (i.e. -U) because
    destdir/etc/mtree/set.* must have permission info for makefs(8)
  - images will be installed into releasedir, but they should not be included
    in iso-image (i.e. distrib/common/Makefile.bootcd needs to be updated)
  - race in ${MAKESUMS} in Makefile.liveimage if ${MACHINE} has multiple images
  - and needs more thoughts and cleanup...
 Izumi Tsutsui

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