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re: lib/45126: highly parallel build broken in krb5/heimdal

i think i may have figured out the cause of this.  i noticed that
my build tree had hdb_asn1.h as a zero length file.  after a little
bit of red-herring with seeing a similar zero length file in the
src/compat build, i come across the rules in

${ASN1_FILES.${src}} ${src:.asn1=_asn1.hx} ${src:.asn1=_asn1-priv.hx}: ${src} \
                                        ${src:.asn1=.opt} ${TOOL_ASN1_COMPILE}
        ${TOOL_ASN1_COMPILE}                    \
                ${ASN1_OPTS.${src}}             \
                --option-file=${.ALLSRC:[2]}    \
                ${.ALLSRC:[1]} ${src:.asn1=_asn1}

this rule will run the asn1_compile multiple times when it infact
only wants to be run once.  i'm not sure how this is causing zero
length files to be created but this rule is, AFAIK, broken.

i don't have a fix.


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