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Re: kern/44402: page fault in supervisor mode in netbsd:filt_piperead

I can still reproduce this with current NetBSD.

I have also reproduced this on another machine (i386 current running
in VMWare fusion configured as using two CPUs), although it takes much
longer time for that one to panic ("a few hours" compared to "a few
minutes" on my development machine).

I tried to reproduce this on a single-CPU machine without success.
But I only let the script run for ~1 hour, so I do not know if I were
just unlucky, or if you need a multiprocessor machine in order to
trigger this bug.

I have not managed to create a small, simple, test program that
triggers this bug.  But I have placed a tar-ball (PR44402.tgz) in
~kristerw at that contains everything needed to
reproduce this.


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