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Re: kern/44897: bge initialization/run failures

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 05:10, Martin Husemann <> 
>  Current (and IIRC netbsd-5 too) have changes in this area, could you test
>  both a -current and a later netbsd-5 kernel?

I tried the latest on netbsd-5 (July 4, 2011) and i'm not getting any
traffic through the interface.
Again, I had to disable azalia or the system would not boot.

With -current (6/28, from nyftp) I get a hang right after acpicpu1
(it's a dual core system) regardless of azalia state.
Disabling ACPI also causes a hang (after audio0), regardless of azalia state.

Specific host system is a Dell Dimension C521

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