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Re: kern/44943: 2002::/16 (6to4) addresses are preferred over native IPv6 transport

On May 8, 2011, at 10:15 , Martin Husemann wrote:
> This sounds like a misunderstanding.

Sorry for the confusion. So, Mac OS X (before 10.6.6 AFAIK) had this broken 
behavior, and my random test results gave me what looked like the same behavior 
on the NetBSD machines I tested on.

> NetBSD itself does not prefer any
> address over any other. Applications typically just try all results
> returned by the resolver in the (more or less) random order they arrive.

But IPv6 is AFAIK always preferred over IPv4 on NetBSD, no?

> So this depends mostly on the nameserver answering your question.
> You could check the "sortlist" option in /etc/resolv.conf - but I don't know
> if/how that works for v6 addresses.
> Besides, why do you realy care?

Then World IPv6 Day ( comes , content 
providers will measure the brokenness of IPv6 clients. Even if NetBSD is a 
small player then it comes to clients, it's better if it would do the correct 
thing and ignore/de-pref the 6to4 addresses and always prefer native IPv6 over 
anything else (possibly with the only exception of non-RFC1918 IPv4 addresses.)

So maybe we should close this case?
I could open a new "feature request" instead...

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