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Re: install/44925: base install doesn't come with a few things that'd be really really useful

The following reply was made to PR install/44925; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Matthew Mondor <>
Subject: Re: install/44925: base install doesn't come with a few things
 that'd be really really useful
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 18:46:25 -0400

 On Mon,  2 May 2011 10:35:00 +0000 (UTC) wrote:
 It probably would have been best to address every specific issue via
 its own PR.
 > o Some way to easily tell what was installed in the initial installation. 
 > e.g comp.tgz is not installed by default so no cvs to do anything.
 I think that installed sets leave a file containing the list of the
 installed in /etc/mtree/set.<name>; of course perhaps that eventually
 sysinst could see what's installed and show it if used a second time.
 That said, you can also use the
   tar xzpf <tarball>.tgz -C /
 command to install sets outside of sysinst, the one set you should
 beware is etc.tgz as it could overwrite existing configuration files.
 Make sure to include the p flag so that permissions of the extracted
 files be be applied properly.
 > o can a default shell be installed which has some tab completion and history 
 > ? or even stty ^H erase ? 
 Isn't /bin/sh the default nowadays?  That shell does support those
 features.  A directive equivalent to:
 case "$-" in *i*)
        set -o emacs; set -o tabcomplete
 Should however exist in an interactive-conditional in the .shrc (or the
 file specified via ENV).  Did the default profile/shrc files miss that
 once you made sure the user's shell was /bin/sh (settable via the chsh
 Or perhaps that root still set to use /bin/csh?  I admit that I don't
 install new systems often using sysinst, but I would myself
 prefer /bin/sh as default shell including for root.
 > o it'd be really useful to have pkgsrc already setup and a one liner that 
 > said something like 'to install software run this which gives you a list'
 If I remember some other people would also like for pkg_add and pkgsrc
 support to be available via sysinst, with preset and custom package
 lists possible.  I'm not sure if a PR exists for this, though.
 Thanks for trying NetBSD and for suggesting improvements,

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