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Re: bin/44671: syslogd sends udp dgrams from port 65534

On Mar 3, 2011, at 9:30 AM, Takahiro Kambe wrote:

>>> Do you expect that syslogd send from syslog port?
>> Yes.
> Your expectation isn't correct.

Actually it is.

> It is RECOMMENDED that the source port also be 514 to indicate that the 
> message is from the syslog process of the sender

I have no idea (yet) who and why decided that port 65534 is so sweet, but it 
sure does remind me of the case of Rui Paolo 
(, and the 
Wikipedia-certified division by zero in ping.

Additionally, NetBSD syslogd is only bugged with the -s option. Do note that 
for example FreeBSD's syslogd -s works as expected.

> Both suggests using sender's port to UDP/514 but not mandated.  So,
> you would need to change this PR to be:
> - withdrawed.
> - changed to request adding a option to bind source port to UDP/514.

You would need to change this PR to be:

- fixed
- changed to request a manual page fix to specifically document this 
inexplicable behaviour of SecureMode

Best regards.

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