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Re: kern/44418 (FAST_IPSEC and if_wm kernel panic - may affect the whole network stack)

The following reply was made to PR kern/44418; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Wolfgang Stukenbrock <>
Cc: Wolfgang Stukenbrock <>,,,,
Subject: Re: kern/44418 (FAST_IPSEC and if_wm kernel panic - may affect the  
whole network stack)
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 17:38:09 +0100

 sorry I cannot post it, because I haven't kept it.
 I cannot say if it was a real interrupt or a soft interrupt.
 The stack in DDB was some like this:
 - opencrypto ret-thread starts processing
 - I've added a lock to softnet_lock there, but does not increase SPL-Level
 - An interrupt was there next and it panics in mutex_enter(softnet_lock).
 I think it was ipintr(), but I'm not shure anymore - sorry
 It had something to do with incomming packet processing.
 And the panic was triggered by an ASSERT as far as I remember - not a 
 "normal" crash due to bad pointers or so...
 After adding splsoftnet() (and getting the KERNEL_LOCK) to the path in 
 opencrypto ret-thread, the problem disapears. That's why I remember that 
 I must be carefull with mutex_enter() calls and softnet_lock may not be 
 locked mutliple times on different paths on the same CPU as the 
 KERNEL_LOCK may be.
 I haven't digged deeper into that - simply assumed that the 
 mutex_enter/exit() stuff behaves like a posix-mutex - will also fail if 
 locked twice in the "correct" setup.
 Best regards
 W. Stukenbrock
 Matthias Drochner wrote:
 > said:
 >>During testing I've got a panic when a CPU tries to get the mutex
 > OK, so I've reversed the locking order.
 >>And if the spl-level does not lock out network interrupts, this may
 >>happen. Even it the whole is very small ...
 > This is still somewhat strange... The mutex is an adaptive one,
 > which cannot be taken in interrupt handlers at all. Only in
 > the softint handler. As I understand it, it is also OK for an
 > adaptive mutex to be attempted to be taken a second time,
 > even if held by the same CPU (just not by the same thread).
 > I can only suspect that the panic might be related to the
 > limited thread context of the softint handler.
 > If this is the case it would be an unnecessary limitation.
 > Can you post the exact panic message and traceback,
 > just to help to understand the issue?
 > best regards
 > Matthias
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