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Re: kern/44565: X works for about thirty seconds and then freezes on my MacBook1,1

   Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 13:12:13 +0100
   From: Martin Husemann <>

   On which tty is the X server running? Can you log in via ssh when it

   Is the coresponding tty marked "off" in your /etc/ttys file?

I can log in via ssh and kill X -- it's just the display of windows
that is frozen.  The mouse cursor still works, and it still changes
style as it moves over where the windows would be.

My Xorg.log.0 says

(--) Using wscons driver on /dev/ttyE1 in pcvt compatibility mode (version 3.32)

and nothing else about ttys or consoles.  My /etc/ttys is unchanged
from revision 1.19 of src/etc/etc.i386/ttys, so /dev/ttyE1 is off --
/dev/console is on and everything else is off.

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