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Re: lib/44110: curses does not support all four playing card suit characters

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 06:15:00AM +0000, 
> curses.h defines ACS_DIAMOND, but not ACS_HEART, ACS_CLUB, or ACS_SPADE.
> (presumably because someone sometime wanted ACS_DIAMOND as a bullet
> point character or the like)

I cannot find a reference to any of those ACS symbols apart from
ACS_DIAMOND.  Checking solaris (original SYSV curses) and ncurses
turns up nothing as does a search on google.

> This makes the user interface of canfield(6) and other card games suck.

no doubt about that...

> Add them and add the necessary bits to terminfo? Many terminals and
> terminal fonts do have glyphs for all four suits.

Well, taking on board that it would be totally non-standard...The
battle here is you need to identify character that will produce the
right shape when the alternate character mode (smacs) is on.  Once
that is found it is a matter of either extending the acsc or if the
character is already in the string, using it.

Brett Lymn
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