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Re: lib/44109: curses does not support full colour

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 06:10:00AM +0000, 
> Curses does not let you use arbitrary RGB colors. 

man can_change_color
man init_color

say different.  Though looking at the curses source, init_color has
not been implemented yet.

>The color support is
> limited to the first 8 of the 16 DOS console colors from ANSI.SYS. As
> most of these colors are ugly (particularly in combinations) this
> makes it more or less impossible to take advantage of color in
> text-based user interfaces.

By default those colours are set up in curses but they are not the
only ones that can be used.  The maximum number of colours available
is a terminal dependent number (terminfo attribute max_colors) as is
the number of colour pairs (terminfo attribute max_pairs).

Brett Lymn
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