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Re: port-evbmips/41650 (NetBSD/evbmips -current on MERAKI/Atheros 2315 WiSoC crashes)

> Did this ever get fixed?

Nope, gdb gave the pointer to where the problem was. But I gave up testing 
since there was no patches created to test something new.

Short summary:
I tried the oldest and newest versions of NetBSD with the open atheros hal (at 
that time 5.99.15?), and the problem was the same. (I also tried the old 
"closed" hal, but that didn't support this chipset).

I could give it a try again with NetBSD-current (will take some time to get it 
up and running again). however, but I doubt it's fixed by itself now although 
I'm not following the commit log, so maybe something has been done which I 
don't know of...

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